Welcome to GNU/Linux, the number one alternative to Microsoft operating systems!

Today, GNU/Linux (often called "Linux") is the rising star and the main alternative to Microsoft. GNU/Linux serves as the main roadblock preventing Microsoft from totally dominating the software industry. Started from the GNU Manifesto of Richard Stallman, 1985, GNU/Linux allows people to obtain good system software the way they breathe air.

More importantly, GNU/Linux embodies the ideas of Software Freedom, where the software is by, of, and for, the people. GNU/Linux serves as the crowning achievement of the Free Software/Open Source movement, which shows the world its better to share than to compete. The impact of GNU/Linux is not yet fully known, but it already challenges the conventional thoughts on copyrights and intellectual property. It also shows the way people can bind together to create a better community and to resist the dominance of corporate interests. GNU/Linux may lead the world toward a social system, similar to that in the science friction Star Trek, away from the present capitalistic way of live.

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Leading GNU/Linux Distributions

Red Hat Linux

Debian GNU/Linux

SUSE Linux

Caldera Linux


Turbo Linux

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